Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Prolog - The Beginning

           The misty air laid a blanket of softness on the neighborhood. The lone sounds of rubber soled shoes griping the asphalt illuminated the surroundings. The misty air didn't mind a bit of company and rather enjoyed an overweight man lumbering through it. The man was on a mission and was only concerned with what was going on directly in front of him. A faint sound of heavy metal drifted from his ear buds. The metal rhythms kept this mildly attractive fat man moving forward while distracting his mind from the pain. Apparently the weight gain and lack of exercise left his back and endurance in a state of unhealthy bliss. He dared not stop the heavy metal flooding his senses. The charge on his phone neared 72% and his only immediate concern was the album finishing the last track. The next artist was waiting on deck so a quick transition could be completed. The song trailed off with a spine chilling feedback that left his skin goosed.

          His fingers moved in lightning succession and the next album came to life. The song was a slow rising guitar and drum feast but didn't come to a crescendo for about another minute. During this relatively silent moment his mind mask slipped off and the pain slapped him. The muscles in his thighs were horrible but didn't compare to his shins. They were on fire and almost caused him to stumble. He knew from the Internet that the extreme pain was known as shin splints. He began to recite the definition to put the pain block back in place when his ears picked up something other than a rising heavy metal masterpiece. The gripping of rubber to asphalt similar to his shoes but much louder and faster caused him to turn in time to see a flash. The car grazed him enough to send him upward into the air and begin falling awkwardly into the unforgiving pavement. His head twisted crazily left and a few vertebra cracked and popped as the remainder of his body snaked to rest.

          A trickle of blood oozed from his mouth and began to pool. His eyes looked around but nothing in his body would respond to his request to move. After a few moments he could hear something small scurrying towards him. A small rabbit hopped lightly to his face and sniffed the blood. The rabbit shivered for a moment and abruptly stopped. It's ears perked up and started to frantically look around hearing something not to it's liking. A moment passed and a the light dimmed as if something was blocking out the source. The rabbit turned and quickly retreated away from the man who could only watch the ground begin to be peppered by rain drops. The rain caught the rabbit and it shrieked in pain as it tumbled to the ground. The man had an eye's view of the rabbit as it jerked and twitched every time the drops hit it. Then the rain drops reached him but couldn't feel anything below his neck. He knew something was wrong when he smelled his flesh burning. It was at that moment a drop fell on his forehead and began smoking. As he mustered up a scream, the rabbit landed on him as it violently spasmed. The man's scream came from his mouth after a long wind up as the rabbit joined his painful song. The rain began to come down harder until there were sheets of rain consuming them both. The last think he would remember during his agonizing screaming was the rabbit melting into his body.