Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 2 - At Home with Eric and George

          It was everyone for themselves. The back stabbing from the moment when they woke up until they departed for school and work was incredibly brutal. The chaotic scene was something out of a reality era television show. You could picture the cameras setup watching their every move as they scurried around grabbing fire blackened bread and a handful of special meat links. The older twin sisters were first out the door for UCCS defenders training. The boys father departed with a mouthful of special meat links. The boys sat at the kitchen table eating as they had a few minutes before heading to the schoolhouse. Their Mom was busily attending to their lunches.

          The boys tattered bags were strung over their chairs anxiously waiting for them. The bags only contained brown-bagged lunches and their text books. It was important that Eric bring his book as he had the chapters they were to discuss in the schoolhouse. The kids had often forgotten their books at home thinking they would get out of school work but it just led to making Miss Proose angry. And the kids found out quickly that they don't like it when Miss Proose was angry. If only she had a full copy of the text book and didn't have to rely on the kids to bring in their chapters to complete the only copy in this region of the UCCS.

          A female voice reached out from the house after Eric jumped up and darted out the door. "Come back here and help your brother!" Eric didn't stop his forward momentum and did a quick hook pattern and entered the house again. "Sorry Bro, I forgot you this morning." George didn't seem to mind that he was left behind. His brother normally would leave him several times a week. "Grab your bag and jump on my back as I can get us to the schoolhouse quicker this morning." Out the door Eric went again with his brother firmly gripping his back.