Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 9 - Command

Military Log entry from General Joseph Savage on July 13th 2040.

-- It has been another frustrating day to cap off a particularly long week. The independents have been pushing back on the trade agreements in place as they want more trade in exchange. I understand their demands and have been pushing them to come back to the UCCS as collectively we can mutually benefit. My discussions with the Independents have not successfully achieved my goal. I think the underlying issue is the distrust they hold with us which drove them Independent in the first place. However frustrating the negotiations I will not give up trying to reunify us as one UCCS.

-- Another Arachnoid incursion into the Oil Fields UCCS has inflicted multiple casualties. The trend of new attacks after the escape of the captured from Torment is on the rise. We have added additional security measures at Torment and the surrounding community but all is quiet since the escape. I have asked Major Gram to visit Torment as there is a young recruit that we need to replace the Trajectory Engineer in the Oil Fields UCCS.

-- The one positive thing today was I ventured out of the command facility and viewed the bright blue sky and the steadfast mountains. Signed General Savage.