Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 3 - Twin 1

          Erin was the older twin by eight minutes. This amount of time didn't seem significant some 18 years later but it was enough for Erin to realize she would be out front and protect those around her. Especially her younger sister Heather. Her drive was not paralleled in her family as she would always be in the middle of everything as she wanted to be the best. Being the best wasn't about showing off or making her family feel insignificant, but it was her way of gauging how strong she truly was. She loved being outside and challenging anyone in their area to barefoot races, lifting heavy rocks above their heads and making them look slow swimming across the lake. These skills would prove a strong foundation while serving in the UCCS Defenders.

          Erin rose quickly in the defenders and quickly was assigned an infantry position. This assignment was not well received by her mother and father as the infantry were first in and typically meant a very short life. Erin wasn't phased at all by the notion that she would be first in as this had been her whole life. Her parents continued badgering her that she should be in an intelligence and planning role. Erin saw this as sitting at a creaky old desk and looking at black and white photos of critical battlefield's and designing the plan of assault. She knew this to be a very important job but it didn't fit into her personality and ambitions. However, over time her parents would get her to budge a bit and that led to a modified position of instructor of infantry. This position would allow her to stay in the field and would only be deployed with the infantry if an all-hands situation arose.